At Lenard we produce specialized fabrics for different types of activity and innovate in pursuit of new fabrics that offer greater protection at work.

Lenard was founded in 1996, and we have used our experience, know-how and drive to innovate as the main drivers in becoming a leader in the workplace safety industry, with solutions for each sector, providing protection against electric arc, heat, sparks or metal splashes, and ensuring appropriate operator visibility in low light conditions.

How we operate

The production of specialist fabrics for individual protection at Lenard is carried out by means of processes designed to guarantee mandatory safety standards are met.

  1. R&D Department

    At Lenard we have our own R&D department with all the machinery and equipment required to test the performance of our fabrics in the most extreme conditions and most dangerous situations. After manufacture, we assess our fabrics with many tests and persist in our objective to discover new fibres and manufacturing processes that will increase the level of protection available on the market.

  2. Quality Department

    We have more than 200 m2 of laboratory space which houses our technical equipment aimed at assessing each fabric in accordance with international standards through rigorous mechanical, chemical and physical tests. We ensure the highest quality of our products through complete control of the production process, in the manufacture of items such as threads, fabric and paint.

  3. Proximity and Service

    At Lenard, we aim to work closely with our clients through our sales network and our range of customer service programmes. We accept your challenges as our own and look for the best option to ensure your safety at work. We also endeavour to perform the necessary follow-ups to focus on the needs of each client at all times.

  4. Wide Range of Products

    Our different ranges of technical fabrics allow us to provide materials that meet the parameters needed for each product in relation to the dangers inherent in each sector. In order to achieve greater protection, we combine the protection provided by different ranges, thus creating superior specialist fabrics with a number of advantages for worker safety.

Our Values

Everything that we do every day at Lenard ties in with the essential objective of our company: to protect people. We are committed to our responsibility to ensure maximum worker safety in the face of the dangers that are part of their jobs. That is why we produce high-quality specialist fabrics and never stop innovating in order to achieve higher and higher standards, thereby providing greater protection against more and more hazards.

At Lenard, we manufacture protection. We are 100% committed to the aims of our clients, which means we are not only their supplier, but also their partner in work safety.

Over 20 Years

The History of Lenard


Lenard took its first steps in the production of innovative specialist fabrics with the goal of finding new solutions for personal protection equipment (PPE).


The facilities of Lenard moved to their current location in the Sots dels Pradals Industrial Estate near Vic (Barcelona – Spain). This new space includes a large laboratory for R&D and Quality Control work.


Opening of the Mexican subsidiary, Lenard MX, which enables us to offer a more personal service to the whole American continent.


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