9 November, 2021

Lenard showcases its commitment to innovation and sustainability at A+A

Lenard showcased its latest products at A+A, one of Europe’s most important occupational health and safety trade fairs.

The elastic fabrics 817 R1 and 825 R1 were a great success thanks to the fact that on top of being safe, they are also tremendously comfortable.

Other popular items included the new low-grammage 421 and 422 fabrics, establishing Lenard as a manufacturer of extremely lightweight aramid fabrics.

The visitors who stopped at Lenard’s booth congratulated the company on its commitment and focus on the SDGs, the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations to be achieved by 2030.

In this sense, Lenard is in the final stages of an external audit to identify SDG-aligned good practices, as well as improvements to promote environmental, economic and social sustainability for all its processes.



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