27 April, 2021

R1 Elastic Technology

Here at Lenard we continue working to make fabrics that are more comfortable while keeping you safe and, as always, are backed by the quality of our XISPAL R1 range of fabrics

Introducing the new 817 R1 Elastic and 825 R1 Elastic fabrics to manufacture shirts and trousers. Both are Inherently flame-retardant fabrics featuring the same R1 technology specifications. But this time, we have added a small amount of elastomer, to ensure more comfort for the everyday use.

Featuring R1 range specifications, both fabrics have increased their mechanical resistance and more durability, the color is better fixed thanks to the R1 tricolourmetric formula, so these fabrics will exhibit an improvement in the aging of the garments.

817 R1 Elastic. This lightweight elastic fabric (170 g/m²) maximizes stretchy comfort without impacting dimensional stability, offering high performance after repeated wash cycles, and it has the option of adding an acid-resistant finish. Available in a wide variety of colors, including yellow high-vis.

825 R1 ElasticWeighing 250 g/m², this elastic fabric is now mechanically stronger, making it perfect for comfortable and safe work trousers. Featuring the R1 range’s high performance after repeated wash cycles, it is also available with an acid-resistant finish and in yellow high-vis color.

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