8 April, 2020

Lenard combats the Coronavirus with fabrics for sanitary gowns

Since the COVID-19 crisis began, Lenard has reorganised part of its activity to provide fabrics that can be used to make sanitary and waterproof gowns.

The fabrics (509 HF and 509 PU, 516 HF and 516 PU, 520 Antistatic, Taffeta and Taffeta PU) have been used to make gowns for the Consorci Hospitalari centres in Vic and other hospitals, as well as for several geriatric centres.

Lenard has also donated rolls of fabric to a volunteer association in Vic which manufactured materials for the city hospital.

Lenard’s team hasn’t stopped working for a single day because it provides an essential service. Divided into two shifts and with part of the personnel teleworking, the team has taken all the necessary protective and prevention measures, including using masks, gloves, frequent washing of hands with disinfectant soap and not sharing the canteen and communal areas.

Lenard would like to thank the entire team for their willingness and commitment as well as its partners and suppliers for their support in enabling it to deliver its materials to where they are most needed.

And, of course, the company would like to thank all the people who are on the front lines fighting against the coronavirus.

Thank you and good health to everyone. We’ll get through this together!

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