19 February, 2019

New knitted inner lining for foundries

In our continuous commitment to the protection of foundry operators, ensuring their comfort, we present a new knitted fabric which is perfect for inner lining. It is the E1 Knitted Xispal RS fabric, especially designed as an undergarment for cast iron/steel foundries.

Its protection features are:

  • Knitted fabric: Interlock Ligament
  • Inherent flame-retardant properties (Certified in accordance with EN 11612)
  • Resistance to convective heat (B1 – ISO 9151)
  • Resistance to radiant heat (C1 – ISO 6942)
  • Resistance to contact heat (F1 – EN ISO 12127-2)
  • Resistance to molten iron splashes (E1 – ISO 9185)

All are certified after 5 washes at 40 degrees. With a weight of 260 gr/m2, it contains cotton, modified acrylic type F, viscose and anti-static fabric, providing protection from the cold and providing the user with excellent comfort.

Comfortable, soft and pleasant fabric with inherent flame-retardant features and certified for molten iron splashes. 
Protection and comfort are not incompatible!

See complete technical specifications. 

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