20 September, 2018

The new 830 R1 XISPAL RS comes into being, guaranteeing image and constant protection

We present the new 830 R1 XISPAL RS reference.

The continuous evolution of our R&D department has led us to achieve the planned development of the best-selling fabric in our history: 830 R1 XISPAL RS.

Five years ago, Lenard launched the new R1 technology, which is now applied to several fabrics in our range. This technology has given us an image guarantee in fabrics, and has increased their mechanical features and stability following multiple industrial washes in comparison with previous models. The new 830 R1 XISPAL RS has arrived after five years’ experience with this new technology.

Four reasons why we should trust the new R1 technology provided by the 830 XISPAL RS:

  1. Input of a low PA percentage in its fibre mixture; improvements in the tenacity and durability of the fabric.
  2. An improvement in the preparation of the fibres comprising the fabric during the process prior to dyeing, which helps to better fix the dye.
  3. Use of a new range of dyes with cutting-edge chemical technology to maintain the colour through repeated washes.  This new process constitutes an excellent improvement over conventional dyes, and also improves the stability of the colour when subjected to light and multiple washes. The new tricolourmetric formula used is applicable to all corporate colours to be manufactured.
  4. The new finishing method envisaged by the new 830 R1 XISPAL RS reference increases the protection of the fibres, and the final result is less fibrillation of the fabric after the use of the clothing and the respective washes.

Our ongoing and close cooperation with the main dye and auxiliary manufacturers has enabled us to achieve the current results with this new 830 R1 XISPAL RS fabric.

The durability of the fabric makes it a very profitable option for clothing manufacturers in renting services, as it considerably reduces the need to replace clothing.

Certification: The new 830 R1 XISPAL RS fabric maintains the same level of certification as its predecessor (830 XRS) after 5 and 50 industrial washes, in accordance with EN 15797.

More information in the datasheet

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