4 July, 2018

The new Jacquard weave adds exclusive comfort and maximum safety to the Lenard 822 R1 fabric

Lenard has added the new and innovative Jacquard weave design to its catalogue of technical knit fabrics in order to develop its new product 822 R1 XISPAL RS, specially designed for the production of polo shirts thanks to the material’s superior comfort and the quality of its finishes. Its excellent level of protection against electric arc (ATPV), with values of 8.0 cal/cm2 is particularly noteworthy.

The Jacquard weave is set apart from other conventional weaves and provides optimal comfort and maximum protection, as well as excellent breathability.

As the R1 reference within the Xispal RS range, this fabric is a solid and resistant option that ages well following multiple garment washes, and provides a noteworthy variety of protective features.

Its features includes:

  • Protection against flammability (Level A1-A2, in EN 15025 – EN 11612)
  • Protection against convection heat (B1 in ISO 9151)
  • Protection against radiant heat (C1 in ISO 6942)
  • Protection against conduction heat (F1 in EN ISO 12127-2)
  • Anti-static fabric (EN 1149/3)
  • Protection against electric arc with ATPV 8.0 cal/cm2 (4 kA Class 1, EN 61482-1-2)
  • High Visibility Fabric (EN 20471) (in the certification process)

All features are certified following 5 washes at 40 degrees and tumble dry. Weighing in at 220 gr/m2, it is notably lightweight which, in addition to the comfort and feel of the Jacquard, make it an optimal and innovative option for polos and lighter garments.

You can check all of the features of the 822 R1 Xispal RS fabric on the attached data sheet.

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