21 June, 2018

Lenard presents a new polar fabric: 938 Valen-t

The new 938 Valent-t fabric broadens Lenard’s catalogue of flame retardant references with an innovative proposal on polar fabric.

The new reference will be available in High Visibility Yellow and provides protection against flames and electric arc, as well as being an anti-static fabric.

The durability of the fabric is especially remarkable. It is long-lasting and has great colour fastness and certified retention of its features even after 50 washes in compliance with the standard EN 6330 (washing at 40 degrees and drying in a dryer).

Its protective features after 5 and 50 washes are the following:

  • Flammability (Level A1 in EN 15025 – EN 11612)
  • Convection heat (B1 in ISO 9151)
  • Radiant heat (C2 in ISO 6942)
  • Conduction heat (F1 – EN ISO 12127-2)  // (50 washes => F2)
  • Anti-static (EN 1149/3/5)
  • Electric arc (4 kA Class 1, EN 61482-1-2)
  • EN 20471 (after 5 washes)

You can check all of the features of the 938 Valen-t fabric on the attached datasheet.

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