15 June, 2018

Lenard presents the new 625 RED HV fabric

Lenard’s Orange range of high-visibility fabrics is extended with the new 625 RED HV fabric, a material which provides identical protection capabilities to those of the 625 Orange HV fabric (left of the image), the only difference is the colour.

The 625 RED HV fabric is ideal for making polo shirts in industries in which it is not only necessary to ensure high visibility for workers, but also protect them against external hazards such as flames and electric arc.

Fabric certified after 5 domestic washes (40ºC) with the following levels of protection:

  • Flame-resistant (Level A, in accordance with EN 15025 – EN 11612)
  • Resistance to convective heat (B1 – ISO 9151)
  • Resistance to radiant heat (C1 – ISO 6942)
  • Resistance to contact heat (F1 – EN ISO 12127-2)
  • Anti-static (EN 1149/3/5)
  • Class-1 electric arc resistance (4kA) and ATPV 6.3 cal/cm² (EN 61482-1-1/EN 61482-1-2)

The 625 RED HV fabric has the same certification as the 625 ORANGE HV fabric, except for the EN 20471 standard, as the colour is the only feature of the fabric that differs.

Its composition includes FR polyester, F-type modified acrylic and M-aramid. It possesses anti-static properties, is pleasant to the touch and weighs 290g/m2.

The ORANGE range developed by Lenard seeks to provide workplace protection with a series of HV (high-visibility) coloured fabrics which also incorporate inherent flame-retardant properties. In short, it goes beyond visibility in terms of worker safety and, by means of a single garment, provides them with protection against numerous risks, including flammability and the electric arc..

In its early days, Lenard developed orange HV fabrics for this range, but it has recently expanded its red HV range to provide more versatility to meet its clothes manufacturers’ needs.

The 625 ORANGE HV fabric in RED HV will be delivered in 6 weeks, as a special raw fabric is required.

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