4 November, 2017

Lenard presents its 918 Valen-t Fabric

Lenard’s flame-retardant fabric catalogue has a new addition to the Valen-t range: the 918 Valen-t. Lenard’s new fabric is very light and comfortable with a weight of just 180 g/m2 and is ideally suited to sectors in which there is a need for comfortable, lightweight clothing which is nevertheless very safe.

The Valen-t fabric is especially useful for the production of jackets, trousers, shirts and overalls. At the moment, the 918 fabric has a certificate of compliance with standard NFPA 2112 (USA) for protection against flash fire, and has results for 2nd and 3rd degree burns of only 15% in the Flash Fire Exposure (Manikin) test. It is currently in the process of ATPV certification (6,8 cal/cm²) and is also available in High Visibility Yellow, which complies with standard ANSI 107.

918 Valen-t fabric datasheet

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