4 November, 2017

The 820 R1 Xispal RS – Protection for Rental Garments

Lenard incorporates the new 820 R1 XISPAL RS fabric into its Xispal RS flame-retardant range. This new fabric is particularly recommended for the manufacture of rental garments. Lenard’s new fabric has great durability, is long-lasting and maintains very good colour fastness when subject to industrial washing, as well as having good mechanical properties after numerous washes, with very high values in both tensile and tear strength.

The new Lenard fabric has numerous safety features:

– Flammability: Level A1 in EN 15025 (EN 11612) certification.
– Resistance to convection heat (B1), radiant heat (C1) and conduction heat (F1).
– Protection against electric arc: 4 kA – Class 1, in accordance with the EN 61482-1-2 standard.
– ATPV: 9.2 cal/cm².
– Mechanical properties. Tensile strength (kg): 130/53. Tear strength (kg): 3.7/2.0.
– Anti-static fabric (EN 1149-3-5).
– Anti-acid fabric (optional)
– High-visibility (EN 20471)

The 820 R1 Xispal RS fabric is made using a twill weave and weighs 200 g/m2. It is also available in High Visibility Yellow.

820 R1 Xispal RS fabric datasheet

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