31 October, 2017

The new 828 XISPAL RS QUILTED fabric substitutes the 837 XISPAL RS QUILTED fabric

The development of new fabrics continues at Lenard, with the incorporation of the new 828 XISPAL RS QUILTED reference. This new fabric is identical to 837 XISPAL RS QUILTED, but it weighs less, down to 280 g/m² from 370 g/m². The reduction in weight of this new reference is substantial with respect to previous ones, making the garments lighter.

The features and certifications of fabric 828 XISPAL RS QUILTED are the same as its predecessor: A1 resistance to inflammability (EN 11612), resistance to 180º heat, in accordance with regulation EN 17493:2000 and, lastly, the recent class 2-7kA certification for the combination of fabrics: 817 R1 RAINWEAR + 828 QUILTED.

828 XISPAL RS QUILTED fabric datasheet

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