17 July, 2017

Lenard presents the 825 R1 XISPAL RS fabric

The catalogue of fabrics in Lenard’s Xispal RS flame-retardant range incorporates the new 825 R1 XISPAL RS fabric, particularly recommended for the manufacture of rental garments. Lenard’s new fabric displays great durability and excellent ageing, with the capacity to maintain very good colour fastness in industrial washing, as well as mechanical performances after numerous washes, and very high toughness values in both pull and tear.

These performances only increase the added value of Lenard’s new fabric, which enhances safety and labour protection by means of the following certifications, performed after 5 and 50 industrial washes, in accordance with the EN 15797-8-B standard:

  • 250 g/m² and 160 cm wide
  • Flammability: Level A1 in EN 15025 (EN 11612) certification.
  • Resistance to convective heat (Level B1), radiant heat (Level C1) and contact heat (Level F1).
  • Protection against welding: Class 1, in accordance with the EN 11611 standard.
  • Protection against electric arc: 4 kA – Class 1, in accordance with the EN 61482-1-2 standard
  • Anti-static fabric (EN 1149-3-5)
  • Anti-acid fabric (optional)
  • High visibility certified after 5 washes, in accordance with EN 20471
  • ATPV: 11.9 cal/cm² after 50 industrial washes.

The durability of the fabric makes it a very profitable option for manufacturers in rental services, as it considerably reduces the need for the replacement of the garments. The development of the new 825 R1 Xispal RS fabric does not mean the disappearance of the 825 Xispal RS reference, which is kept in the catalogue in order to provide greater variety and to adapt to the needs of each customer.

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