4 November, 2016

Lenard increases the lightness of High-visibility garments with the 629 Orange HV fabric

Lenard’s Orange range of high-visibility fabrics has a new addition to its catalogue: the new 629 Orange HV fabric, a material which offers similar protection conditions to those of fabric 635 but which is more comfortable, due to being 60g/m2 lighter.

Fabric 629 Orange HV is ideal for making trousers and jackets for sectors in which it is not only necessary to ensure workers high-visibility, but also their protection against external hazards such as flames or electric arc.

Its Protective Specifications are as Follows:

  • – Flame-resistant (EN 15025 – EN 11612, level A1)
  • – Convection heat resistance (B1 – ISO 9151)
  • – Radiant heat resistance (C1 – ISO 6942)
  • – Conduction heat resistance (F1 – EN ISO 12127-2)
  • – Anti-static (EN 1149/3/5)
  • – Class 1 electric arc resistance (4kA) and ATPV 8.0 cal/cm2
  • – Anti-acid resistance (EN 13034)

Its composition includes polyester, F-type modacrylic, cotton, viscose and para-aramid fibre, and it displays anti-static properties, is pleasant to the touch and weighs 290 g/m2.

You will find all the information about Lenard’s fabric 629 Orange HV on the corresponding datasheet.

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