At Lenard we make technical fabrics to protect people.

We are your best partner for workplace safety

Professional Experience

We are experts in the textile industry and have been producing new fabrics for over 20 years.

Constant Innovation

We are leaders in the production of new technical fabrics using the latest fibres and technologies available.

R&D and Quality

We test the quality of each fabric in our own fully-equipped quality control department.

UNE-EN and ASTM Standards

Our textiles meet the requirements of international standards to ensure protection.

Different Ranges of Products

The Lenard catalogue includes fabrics adapted, in different clothing ranges, to different industrial sectors.

The Highest Standards

We work with the utmost efficiency and commitment to ensure personal protection and to save lives.

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To find the Lenard product you are looking for, first select by product or sector, then choose a range, and finally, select either European or American standards.

When you have chosen from the three sections, click on search to get the list of products that match your selection.



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Lenard has been researching and developing technical fabrics for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for 20 years, in order to ensure that people have maximum safety at work.